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Who We Are

Pack 85 is a 50-year old local Cub Scout organization sponsored by the

Presbyterian Church of Novato at 710 Wilson Avenue. The majority of our members attend Pleasant Valley, Olive, and Lu Sutton Elementary Schools, although we also have members from other schools as well. We are part of the Marin Council of Scouts BSA ( ).

Our Scouts

Pack 85 is open to boys and girls in Kindergarten through 5th grade.


Cub Scouts (BSA) is a family-centered, year-round program that teaches positive life skills, values, and attitudes. For more detailed information about how Cub Scouts is organized, click here

Scouting Ranks




First Grade


Second Grade


Third Grade


Fourth Grade


Fifth Grade


How is Pack 85 Organized?

Like all Cub Scout groups, Pack 85 is run by a group of parent volunteers. The two main leaders are the Cubmaster and Committee Chair, but there are many other volunteers important for helping the pack run smoothly.

What's a Pack?

The pack is the collection of all the scouts, dens, and parent volunteers. The pack holds monthly meetings during the school year. We organize activities for the entire pack, such as camping, hikes, outings, etc.

What's a Den?

Scouts are organized into dens by grade level. The Den Leader leads the scouts through the activities related to adventures for that rank level. On average, dens meet once a month during the school year. Scouts who attend the den meetings should complete all the activities to reach the next rank level by March each year.

What are Cub Scout Ranks?

Cub Scout activities are centered around earning badges that are specific to each school grade level. This badge represents a rank. Ranks are identified by their color of hat and neckerchief. The badge adventures are typically completed at the den level.

What is the Bobcat Badge?

No matter what age or grade a scout joins Cub Scouting, he or she must earn his Bobcat badge before a Scout can advance to the rank of Tiger, Wolf, Bear, or Webelos. A Scout must complete the Bobcat requirements, which include:


1) Learn and say the Cub Scout motto, the Scout Oath, and the Scout Law and tell what they mean;

2) Show the Cub Scout sign, salute, and handshake and tell what they mean;

3) With your parent or guardian complete the exercises in the pamphlet "How to Protect Your Children from Child Abuse: A Parent’s Guide"

2022 Charter.jpeg
Uniform and Insignia of the Cub Scouts 


The Scouts BSA has always been a uniformed body. The primary reason we wear the uniform is as a means of identifying ourselves openly with the principles to which we are committed-character development, citizenship training, and physical and mental fitness. Scouts must be in uniform during pack activities (ensures we are covered by BSA insurance). Scouts and parent leaders wear the full uniform (Class A) for Pack and den meetings and community service.


Pack 85 has a “class B” uniform (t-shirt) that can be worn in lieu of full uniform for more informal pack activities.

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